The Story of the Exodus
The "Story of the EXODUS" was published in 1966 by Leon Amiel. It is regarded as one of Chagall's top series of graphic art.
Chagall made 24 original lithographs in colours for this series. Of course he chose those scenes that he regarded as the highlights of this great bible tale, which is, of course, also one of the most significant tales of his people. The exodus from Egypt is what actually made the Jewish people a people and gave a form to the Jewish religion.
Of course Moses is the central figure in this tale and also in Chagall's ilustrations of it.
This series of lithographs was edited in an album. The editon was 285 in total:
250 albums on Velin d'Arches. The albums are signed and numbered, the lithographs are not signed or numbered.
15 albums reserved for the artist, the editor and the people who made a contribution to the production. These albums have only a letter, a-o.
Lastly there were 20 albums on Japon nacre. These have a Roman figure and the frontispice is signed. Of all the other lithographs none is signed.
Our album bears the number 250.
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Toen Mozes ouder zag hij de nood van zijnbroeders Gij zult op de rots slaan en er zal water uitkomen
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