Woodcuts "Les Poemes".
Chagall was not only a painter, he was also a poet. He wrote poems all his life and of course most of them were auto- biographic. In 1968 he edited a number of his poems in an album called "Les Poemes". Of course he illustrated this album. For this occasion he made a series of 24 woodcuts, inspired by the poems. These were the only woodcuts he would ever make. Given the beauty of these woodcuts, one wonders why he did not do this ever after....
There was one edition of 238 albums editions with coloured woodcuts. The albums are signed and numbered, the woodcuts are not. We have five of this edition in our collection.
There was also an edition of 26 albums with only the black part of the woodcuts. All these woodcuts were individually signed and numbered. We don't have any of this edition.
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Comme un Barbare. Vers la Rive.
A Terre