In 1957 Jacques Lassaigne edited a book on the occasion of Chagall's
70 th birthday.
Chagall made 15 original lithographs for this book, which became very famous because of them. Five of the lithographs were printed on double pages, which means they have a fold in the middle. The edition was 6000. There was also an edition of 90 signed and numbered lithographs.
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Les Amoureux en gris Le Coq au Croissant Maternite au Centaure
194 193 195
Le Christ a l'Horloge Le Joueur de Flute Le Poisson Bleu
196 197 198
Le Village L'Echelle La Tour Eiffel verte
199 200 201
Le Bouquet noir et belu Le Coq rouge L'Accordeoniste
202 203 204
Nature Morte Brune Le Bouquet a la Main  
205 207