Illustration for the Bible
In 1956 Chagall edited the first series of Bible lithographs in "Illustrations for the Bible". This was a series of 18 coloured lithographs and 12 black-and-white ones. We only show the coloured ones, because the black-and-whites are on the backsides. The reason of this is, that they are taken from the original book, edition: 6500. This book was also and especially meant to spread the reproductions of the 105 Biblical etchings Chagall had made earlier.
The lithographs from this book had also a signed and numbered edition with margins. We don't have any lithograph from that edition at this moment.
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Couverture Page de Titre L'Ange a L'Epee
117 118 119
L'Ange Ange du Paradis Abraham et Sara
120 121 122
Moise Moise Moise
123 124 125
Moise Salomon David et Bethsabee
126 131 132
David et Absalom David a la Harpe Jeremie
133 134 139
Les Pleurs de Jeremie Isaie Daniel et les Lions
140 141 142