Derrière le Miroir
Chagall made made many original lithographs for "Derriere le Miroir". This was a booklet that was edited by the famous gallery "Maeght" in Paris. It was a magazine with loose pages, which served as a catalogue for the exhibitions organized by the gallery. It served also as a means to spread art among a larger public and that was the reason to include almost always one or more original lithographs.
Chagall made contributions to 13 different issues of this booklet. One time, in 1954, he even made 11 lithographs for one issue, the famous so-called "Paris Series".
His first "Derriere le Miroir" appeared in 1952 in an edition of 2000, his last one in 1981 in an edition of 20 000.
On this page you will see the lithographs from "Derriere le Miroirs" that we have in our collection right now.
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Le Coq Rouge Le Cheval Brun L'Ecuyere
60 61 153
La Fenetre Le Concert Les deux Profils
175 176 177
Nature morte bleue L'Accordeoniste Le petit Ange
206 204 179
Le Piege La Baie Le Bouquet de
355 356 410
Le Clown Blanc Derriere le Miroir Le Peintre devant
le Village
411 412 603a
Apres l'Hiver Le Village Soleil au Cheval Rouge
651 917 945
L'Acrobat vert Le Peintre et son Double  
946 992