The Collection


Arthouse "Marc Chagall" has a collection of about 350 lithographs and etchings. You will be able to see the majority of these artworks on this website.


Twelve of the lithographs and etchings are signed and numbered by hand.
Most of the etchings are signed in the plate.


But the majority of the lithographs is not signed or numbered. This is because they were edited in books. Chagall made a great number of books, illustrated with original etchings or lithographs. Being a great lover of good stories, he was inspired quite a few times by several books or stories to make beautiful work. Besides, he thought this was a good way to reach a bigger audience all over the world.


Some of the books are numbered and signed as books, others have signed and numbered etchings or lithographs in them and still others are not signed or numbered at all.


The editions of the different books vary greatly in size. "Arabian Nights", (1948), appeared in an edition of 90. "Illustrations for the Bible" (1956) had an edition of 6.500, as did "Drawings for the Bible" (1960). The highest edition was reached in 1982, a few years before Chagall died, with a Derriere le Miroir: 20.000.
On the other hand: "Daphnis and Chloe" (1961), a book with 42 magnificent lithographs, had an edition of 270, as had "The Circus" (1967).


The lithographs from these works have the same editions of course. The higher editions explain why beautiful works of art by a world-famous artist like Chagall are affordable.


The books with etchings all have a small edition, because the plates of the etchings are worn in the printing. A higher edition than 400 is seldom seen, because the prints mostly lack technical quality in that case. So most of the books with etchings have an edition smaller than that.


Being specialised in the graphic work of Chagall, we can deliver the lithographs from a higher edition directly most of the tome. If a certain lithograph is not in stock, as a rule we will be able to get it within three months, through our contacts in Western Europe.
For any of the lithographs with smaller editions, and for the etchings, it will take longer and it will be a matter of luck.


Chagall's work is in possession of people and of museums all over the world and will be available only when the owner wants to sell it for some reason.




The fact that Chagall is so famous and the high prices that are payed for his top pieces also mean that there are quite a lot of frauds around. We are very much alert to frauds and we are able to distinguish between the real thing and a fraud, generally. In case we are uncertain we consult other experts, mostly abroad, or we consult our expert on paper restoration.


When you buy a lithograph or etching from us, you will always receive a certificate of authenticity, which gives you some details about the work you bought and a guarantee.